Virtuemart Sales (Featured Products) - Joomla! Component

Virtuemart Sales (Featured Products) - Joomla! Component

We needed a better search tool for a better display of discounted products, for Virtuemart joomla! component. The Virtuemart Sales is here for you.

Extension Information

  • Description & Features

    We needed a better search tool for a better display of discounted products, for Virtuemart joomla! component. The "Virtuemart Sales" is here for you.

    Multi Language support!

    Image Interactivity:
    - On click view slideshow
    - On click go to product details

    Search Features:
    - category
    - input text
    - sort by (new, oldest, lowewst price, highest price, discount high to low and low to high.

    Social Buttons (for quick sharing):
    - Facebook
    - Twitter

    Full configuration in parameters, at joomla! back-end. You can change everything!


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  • Testimonials

    C Serafim

    This is a very useful extension to be considered if you are selling products online through a VirtueMart shop. Virtuemart Sales is very simple to install and setup. But if you ever have problems or suggestions for further improvements the support is incredible! Just email them and you will always get a very quick and friendly response within minutes.
    I strongly recommend this commercial extension to anyone!


    The component is good, easy to install and configure. The technical support is fast and friendly


    While looking for an extension that was capable to display products on sale with a discount label, I found the Virtuemart Sales extenstion. It indeed contained a small bug when I tried the first time, but that was solved very quickly by Yiannis. He even managed to implement some of my recommendations for improvement on short notice, which now makes it a very flexible extension to display featured sales products from a Virtuemart shop, without any need to create a sale category.

    Excellent extension, good support at a price that matched my expectations.

    Highly recommended!


    There are so little to be told when everything goes according to plan! Excellent support, installation made with one click, the necessity of this component is obvious. I highly recommend it.

  • Changelog

    + Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed
    04-Dec-2014 : v4.2.4
    # Bug Fixed: Warning: mb_substr() expects parameter 3 to be long
    # General Bug Fixes
    24-Nov-2014 : v4.2.3
    # Bug Fixed: Warning: utf8_to_unicode: Incomplete multi-octet sequence in UTF-8 (for Greek characters)
    ^ Strip html tags from product's description
    14-Oct-2014 : v4.2.2
    # Bug Fixed: The product's url has the category name in.
    ^ Avoid conflict issues and don't load jQuery if lightbox is not selected for image's interactivity.
    ! Unnecessary javascript files and code have been removed.
    09-Oct-2014 : v4.2.2
    # Bug Fixed: There was a problem with links (view more button, product title and product image), if the component installed on a subfolder of subdomain.
    07-Oct-2014 : v4.2.0
    + Compatible with Joomla! v3.3.x
    ^ Compatible with the latest version of Virtuemart (v2.6.10), for Joomla! 2.5.x
    ^ Compatible with the latest version of Virtuemart (v2.9.9), for Joomla! 3.3.x
    # Bug Fixed: jQuery conflict issues have been resolved
    # Bug Fixed: Free products now has 100% discount percentage
    # General Bug Fixes
    03-Sep-2014 : v4.1.5
    # Bug fixed: ssl products links did not working properly for the social sharing links.
    30-May-2014 : v4.1.4
    # Bug fixed: when you go to categories and select a category you see all products not just the ones with discount (thanks, Balazs Hende)
    + New option in config! Is not longer necessary to mark a product as featured in virtuemart back-end. There is an option to display only featured products or all products.
    23-Nov-2013 : v4.1.3
    + New Parameter has been added: Custom Currency
    + New Parameter has been added: Currency Position
    22-Oct-2013 : v4.1.2
    # Bug fixed with selected variables after submit form
    # Other bug fixes
    11-Oct-2013 : v4.1.1
    + £ symbol added for british pounds
    24-Jul-2013 : v4.1.0
    + New Parameter has been added: You can display the product types you want:
    ::: ALL virtuemart products WITH discount
    ::: ALL virtuemart products WITHOUT discount
    ::: ALL virtuemart products
    + New Parameter has been added: Show or not the Search type field from the search options
    # Bug fixed: Display the products with no Manufacturers
    18-Jul-2013 : v4.0.0
    ^ Compatible with the latest version of Virtuemart (v2.0.22a)
    + Manufacturers parameter added and now you can select products from one or more manufacturers
    + Parameter added: You can sort the categories by name alphabetically (asc, desc) or by id (asc, desc)
    + Parameter added: EXCLUDE/INCLUDE (categories, manufacturers)
    ^ Cleaned up code syntax
    # General bug fixes
    03-Jul-2013 : v3.0.2
    # Bug fixed: wrong percentage discount
    26-May-2013 : v3.0.1
    ^ Compatible with the latest version of Joomla! (v2.5.11)
    ^ Compatible with the latest version of Virtuemart (v2.0.20b)
    ^ Cleaned up code syntax
    # General small bug fixes
    01-Feb-2013 : v3.0.0
    + Joomla! 2.5 compatible!
    # Bug fixed: Prices with tax
    ^ Updated translations: en-GB
    ^ Cleaned a lot of code
    ^ Changed some language strings
    ! Removed ability to install on Joomla 1.6 and 1.7
    ! End of life Joomla! 1.5
    05-Dec-2012 : v2.0.0
    # Fixed security issue in search form
    ^ Changed language files to be J1.6 ready
    ^ Cleaned up some code
    ^ Updated translations: en-GB
    22-Apr-2012 : v1.0.0
    + First beta release
  • Technical Requirements

    This extension will only work correctly if your setup meets the below requirements:

    • The latest, up-to-date version of Joomla! CMS:
      • Joomla! 2.5.x
      • Joomla! 3.x
    • PHP 5.3+
    • MySQL 5+

    Important: We can only provide support for setups that:

    • meet the above requirements
    • do not have extension files or Joomla! core files which have been altered in any way.

    We can't guarantee that this extension will work with any 3rd party extension, but it usually works if extension is using standard Joomla! HTML.

  • License

    Virtuemart Sales (Featured Products) - Joomla! Component is an Open Source Joomla! extension.
    It is in compliance with the GNU/GPL license: GNU/GPL (General Public License).

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