Virtuemart Sales component

Virtuemart Sales

We needed a better search tool for a better display of discounted products, for Virtuemart joomla! component. The 'Virtuemart Sales' is here for you. Read more »

Monthly Archive componentmodule

Monthly Archive

This is a Component and Module for Joomla! 2.5 and Joomla! 3.x, for better view of Joomla! Archives by months and years. It sorts our joomla articles in months and years. Read more »

Cookies Policy Notification Bar plugin

Cookies Policy Notification Bar

This joomla! plugin provides a mechanism for informing your visitors about how you use cookies on your website. It served with a lot of useful parameters. Read more »

Login as User componentplugin

Login as User

This plugin helps Admin users to login to the front-end as a specific User. It is useful for websites where the Admin user needs to check if a User can see correctly their order(s), if he had filled a form correctly, or any other personal details, etc. Read more »

Failed Login Attempts plugin

Failed Login Attempts

This joomla plugin records the failed and successfull login attempts in back-end and front-end of your Joomla website. Read more »

Display Date + Time module

Display Date + Time

Clean, quick and nice display of date and time, with multiple formats for all countries. Read more »

Count Down module

Count Down

This module is an easy, clean, speed, down time counter for one or multiple events. Read more »

Toolbar module


A clean, quick and nice display of a bottom fixed Toolbar which shows a solid bar at the bottom of your Joomla Template with 1, 2, 3 up to 10 shortcut icons with link. Read more »

Virtuemart Count Products module

Virtuemart Count Products

This Module display the count of active, inactive and featured Virtuemart products. It works in Joomla! 2.5. You can insert text in front and back of the number, and a link on the count of products, in module parameters. Read more »

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