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Monthly Archive

The Monthly Archive Joomla! component provides a list of Joomla or K2 content divided into months and years. It is supplied with a lot of features and multiple parameters, improves user navigation and works as a search tool too. It is great for blogs, news portals, journalists, authors, speakers, and any other content based website.

Extension Information

  • Latest Version: 3.6.5
  • Monthly Archive v3.6.5 - Changelog

    Monthly Archive v3.6.5 - Changelog

    + Added   ! Removed   ^ Changed   # Fixed
    21-Dec-2016 : v3.6.5
    ^ The paths of JS files have been changed both for the component and module.
    # jQuery conflicts with other extensions using same versions have been resolved. [Many thanks to Karlschule Rastatt]
    # We use external JS/CSS files instead of inline JS/CSS code.
    # Minor bug fixes have been resolved.
    25-Apr-2016 : v3.6.4
    + The Catalan language has been added (Many thanks to José M. for his contribution).
    # Some issues (blank page and template crashed, mostly) in extension's configuration/parameters that still use Joomla! 3.3.x, have been resolved.
    # The error messages about the download ID, during the update of other Web357 extensions, have been resolved and have been removed. 
    # Bug Fixed: Some conflicts with menu item's page heading and page title, have been resolved.
    # Minor bug fixes.
    12-Jan-2016 : v3.6.3
    # Bug Fixed: The sum of articles at the right of each year is not calculated correctly for the Joomla! and K2 articles.
    08-Dec-2015 : v3.6.2
    # Minor bug fixes after the latest upgrade from v3.6.1
    07-Dec-2015 : v3.6.1
    ^ Updated description.
    ^ Updated translations.
    23-Nov-2015 : v3.6.0
    + NEW PARAMETER: SEO: Robots. You can block Monthly Archive component from Search Engines.
    + NEW PARAMETER: SEO: Follow Links. You can tell search engines to follow or not follow the links (https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/96569?hl=en).
    # BUG FIXED: 1146 Table '#__k2_categories' doesn't exist.
    # BUG FIXED: Error loading component: com_k2, Component not found.
    # BUG FIXED: The "Use Global" option has not set for the menu item parameter fields: "Include Category Type" and "Exclude Category Type".
    # Bug Fixed: Element: k2categories.php. Check if K2 is installed and then if is enabled. Error Message: "ComponentError loading component: com_k2, Component not found.
    ^ The plugin is enabled automatically, instead of displaying the message: "Error - The 'Monthly Archive' plugin is required for this extension and must be active."
    ^ Default settings have been set. No errors anymore from the first installation, about MySql Error 1146, K2 is missing, JComments is not installed etc.
    ^ The (copyright) footer is shorter now. Changed from "Powered by Monthly Archive PRO (by Web357)" to "Powered by Monthly Archive".
    ^ The module has the same parameters as the component.
    + The parameters "Include Categories Type" and "Exclude Categories Type" are also available for the Module. With this parameter you can include the parent category and its subcategories, without select all subcategories.
    13-Nov-2015 : v3.5.3
    + NEW Parameter Field: Download ID. You need to specify your Download ID before you can receive updates for the PRO versions. For more information please follow our instructions here: https://www.web357.eu/download-id
    # BUG Fixes: the exclusion and inclusion of months and years working properly now.
    # LANGUAGE: Spanish language file has been saved again because there were some issues with ñ and á characters.
    11-Oct-2015 : v3.5.2
    # BUG Fixed: It's not possible to enter the settings after updating from 3.5.1, if the K2 component is not enabled or active.
    # MODULE: You can select K2 Categories for include/exclude, without entering the IDs of Categories.
    08-Oct-2015 : v3.5.1
    ^ You can select K2 Categories for include/exclude, without entering the IDs of Categories.
    + New Parameter Added: You can select which type of include/exclude of categories you want to display. There are two options: 1. 'Parent Categories Only' means that you can include, the parent category, and its subcategories, without select all subcategories. 2. 'Parent Categories and its Subcategories' means that you can include, the parent category and you have also select its subcategories separately.
    # BUG FIXED: "Più" word did not display correctly in the Italian language.
    # BUG FIXED: Include - Exclude categories, did not work rightly.
    # BUG FIXED: The count of the Categories and the Authors in the  form field, now calculated correctly.
    15-May-2015 : v3.5.0
    + 7 New Useful Parameters have been added (show_year, show_month, count_of_articles_beside_year, include_years, include_months, exclude_years, exclude_months).
    + New Parameter added: Show or Hide Months or Years from the list.
    + New Parameter added: Show or Hide the count of articles, beside each Month or Year, from the list.
    + New Parameter added: Include/Exclude specific Years and Months.
    + New Feature added in Component: Nice jQuery Accordion effect for the Years (expand/collapse).
    ^ Languge files have been edited.
    ! File removed: "/modules/mod_monthlyarchive/tmpl/accordion.php"
    ! File removed: "/modules/mod_monthlyarchive/assets/ma_output.php"
    ^ File renamed: from "/mod_monthlyarchive/assets/style.css" to "/mod_monthlyarchive/assets/mod_monthlyarchive.css"
    ^ Italian Language file: "Month" in italian is "Mese" not "Messe"
    + If you choose the menu item type "Specific Month-Year", you can display articles from all year instead of one month of the year.
    # MODULE - Bug fixed: Copyright text must be outside of .
    25-Apr-2015 : v3.4.2
    # Bug Fixed: Issues with the required field of menu item id in the module parameters.
    ^ CSS improvements in component and module about big padding in list items.
    # Bug Fixed with version checker from web357 framework, has been resolved.
    # Warning messages in component's page, at joomla backend, have been resolved.
    23-Apr-2015 : v3.4.1
    + Compatible with "Web357Framework" (joomla! system plugin).
    ^ Improvement design for parameter fields (better radio buttons and color pickers).
    + ADMIN: New Element: Description of extension (buttons: view demo, more details, changelog, support).
    + ADMIN: New Element: Version Check.
    + ADMIN: New Element: About Web357 (logo, description, find us on social media).
    # General minor fixes.
    # Clean and code improvement.
    06-Apr-2015 : v3.3.2
    # Issues fixed with menu item ids in module, after upgrade to 3.3.1
    31-Mar-2015 : v3.3.1
    ^ CSS Files moved. Each "view" has their own css file. It helps when we need to override component in our current template
    ^ The language files are now inside the component and module folder. All languages files have been added in Transifex.
    + Component has been improved in joomla admin panel with 3 new sections, a) Overview (information about Monthly Archive), b) Settings, c) Changelog.
    # COMPONENT: BUG Fixed: Error message in admin panel: "500 Html Behavior:: tab state not found"
    ^ COMPONENT: The first letter of Month, in select box, is now uppercase.
    ^ COMPONENT: BUG Fixed: Pagination was everytime enabled, even if the field "display pagination" from parameters, had been set as "Hide".
    # MODULE: BUG Fixed: jQuery's conflict issues with "accordion" module style have been resolved.
    # MODULE: Content Type field has now a default value after the first installation.
    # MODULE: In parameter field "Menu Item ID", we inserted the language prefix to help you assign the correct menu item of component, if your website is multilangual.
    ^ MODULE: "style.css" renamed to "mod_monthlyarchive.css".
    + MODULE: override module supported.
    ! MODULE: "ma_output.php" helper file has been removed.
    ^ MODULE: fopen php function avoided for check module's latest version. Replaced with "simplexml_load_file".
    + PHP, CSS code improvement.
    # Some unneeded lines and comments in code, have been removed.
    # Minor bug fixes.
    13-Mar-2015 : v3.3.0
    + LANGUAGE: French (fr-FR) language added for the component and module.
    + LANGUAGE: Danish (da-DK) language added for the component and module.
    + MODULE: You can select the menu item ID that is assigned with Monthly Archive.
    ! MODULE: List style parameter removed.
    # MODULE: Bug Fixed: Active color in the correct month link.
    # MODULE: Bug Fixed: Module doesn't display all months.
    ^ COMPONENT: Improved MVC functionality.
    ^ COMPONENT: In "Specific Month-Year" menu item, month and year fields are required.
    # COMPONENT: BUG Fixed: Error links with preffered alias and pagination links.
    ^ COMPONENT: Remove "limit,5" from url, if pagination is disabled.
    + COMPONENT: Nice CSS radio buttons for show/hide fields, in backend parameters .
    + COMPONENT: "Page Display" functionality for menu items. From menu item's tab. You can set custom browser title and page heading title in the front page of component.
    # COMPONENT: BUG Fixed: "Date Format" and "Custom Date Format" are now compatible with menu item parameters.
    + COMPONENT: You can allow all or one or two or more, HTML Tags for the introtext.
    # COMPONENT: BUG Fixed: K2 Notice: Undefined index: catalias (only in joomla 2.5.x).
    # COMPONENT: BUG Fixed: "Show page title" parameter, has been resolved.
    # COMPONENT: BUG Fixed: Notice messages displayed, if an item id hasn't images, the intro or the full image (only in joomla 2.5.x).
    + COMPONENT and MODULE: New Parameter added: You can sort the months by newest or oldest first.
    # BUG Fixed at backend: 500 - An error has occurred. JHtmlBehavior: :tabstate not supported.
    + ACL supported
    # Menu parameter has been renamed from "page_title" to "ma_page_title" for avoid conflicts with menu item title which has the same parameter name.
    09-Jan-2015 : v3.2.7
    + New Parameter added: Option for display or hide the article image from intro text of article.
    + New Parameter added: You can display the intro or the full text image of article.
    + New Parameter added: You can enter your custom dimensions (width, height) of article image.
    + New Parameter added: You can use the 3rd party extension (content plugin), the "plg_content_imgresizecache.zip" to resize your article images and cache. http://www.s2software.it/en/download/joomla-image-resize-cache
    17-Dec-2014 : v3.2.6
    + Intro image with the intro text will be displayed in Monthly Archive.
    27-Nov-2014 : v3.2.5
    + Parameter Added: You can select the default date format from list.
    + Parameter Added: You can enter a custom date format.
    14-Nov-2014 : v3.2.4
    + Parameter Added: You can select the type of date, of article, you want to display. There are two options, the date of created or the date of published up.
    # General Bug fixes
    01-Oct-2014 : v3.2.3
    # Bug fixed in Module: module conflicts with t3 template framework.
    # Bug fixed in Module: copyright message doesn't displayed in module.
    # General Bug fixes
    24-Sep-2014 : v3.2.2
    # Bug fixed: $params variable missed in router.php
    # Bug fixed: better sef urls for k2
    11-Aug-2014 : v3.2.1
    # Bug fixed: Notice: Undefined variable: article_link_sef
    # Bug fixed: wrong Item Id for multilingual menu items
    ^ added parameter for change viewer name (Prefered Alias)
    # General Bug fixes
    24-Jun-2014 : v3.2.0
    + Spanish (es-ES) language added for component & module
    + Dutch (nl-NL) language added for component & module
    + Italian (it-IT) language added for component & module
    # General Bug fixes
    30-May-2014 : v3.1.7
    ^ MODULE: Accordion type: displaying the months below, if the year is active.
    ^ COMPONENT: Mistakes fixed in german translation. Thank you guys (Mats and Philipp)!
    + COMPONENT: "ARCHIVES_ALL" has added in translations, English, Greek, German.
    + COMPONENT: Support multilingual content
    # Bug fixed: Accordion module not working if there is more than one module on the same page
    31-Jan-2014 : v3.1.6
    # Bug Fixed: Pagination not displayed if the limit is smaller than the count of articles (Thank Meireles for the report: http://www.joomla357.com/forum.html?view=topic&catid=13&id=757)
    21-Jan-2014 : v3.1.5
    # Bug Fixed: Itemid issues with assigned menu item ids
    # Bug Fixed: Pagination for Rockettheme templates
    ^ Greek and German language files have been edited
    30-Oct-2013 : v3.1.4
    # Bug Fixed: Error 404 after click on the module links
    ! advanced.php has been removed from module templates
    22-Oct-2013 : v3.1.3
    + router.php
    ^ more friendly urls
    # Notice and Warning messages now have been cleared if you select Error reporting: Development or Maximum
    # General Bug fixes
    02-Sep-2013 : v3.1.2
    # Missing Closing Div in Accordion version
    # bug fixed: pagination is now working correctly
    # General Bug fixes
    19-Jul-2013 : v3.1.1
    + Parameters added in component & module (INCLUDE/EXCLUDE: k2 categories) 
    ^ Cleaned up code syntax in monthlyarchive.class.php and xml files
    18-Jul-2013 : v3.1.0
    + Parameters added in module (INCLUDE/EXCLUDE: articles, authors, categories) 
    ^ Many changes in monthlyarchive.class.php
    ^ Cleaned up code syntax in module's files
    # General Bug fixes
    31-May-2013 : v3.0.5
    + MODULE: style.css added in the folder /assets
    + MODULE: active class added for display the selected month/year (default color: green, you can change it from style.css)
    + MODULE: nice accordion navigation layout with jQuery
    # MODULE: sef urls fixed with JRoute and the correct itemID of the component
    ^ Cleaned up code syntax in module's files
    # General Bug fixes
    26-May-2013 : v3.0.4
    # Bug fixed: hierarchy for categories
    # Bug fixed: pagination is not working correctly, default list limit always was 5  http://www.joomla357.com/forum.html?view=topic&catid=13&id=646#919
    24-Mar-2013 : v3.0.3
    + German language added (many thanks to Matthias Brucke - mb[@]embeteco.com)
    + Added the parameter to display the empty categories in select form
    + Added the parameter to display the Default List Limits, for example 5,10,20,25,50
    # Bug fixed: in menu item parameters
    # Bug fixed: legacy controllers in joomla 3.0.x version
    06-Mar-2013 : v3.0.1
    + Display article's author alias instead of name of the author
    + Display introtext in the results list
    + Module: You can select if you want to open the links in a new window
    ^ Updated translations in joomla! backend
    # Bug fixed: with archived and unarchived count of articles in the select boxes
    # Bug fixed: with page and header title
    # Bug fixed: double alias in sef urls
    + Now you can set the page and header title from each menu item that you create
    ^ Language files changed
    + Bux fixed: Unpublished items always displayed, even if the "finish publishing" is smaller than today
    + Now you can insert the "Include" or "Exclude" categories, from the "select box" instead of text input separated by comma
    30-Oct-2012 : v3.0.0
    # Bug fixed: with pagination
    # CSS bug fixes
    + Tree format for categories and subcategories in select box of search form
    + Now you can search articles for a spesific year
    + Added a parameter in module, for enable or hide the count of articles beside the months
    + Added the parameter "Pagination". If "Yes" there is a pagination in monthly archive, if "No",
     all article link displaying in one page without pagination.
    + Now you can see the unpublished articles if you've inserted a "publish_down" date in content
     item's field.
    ^ Language files changed
    ! End of life Joomla! 1.5
    28-Mar-2012 : v2.0.8
    # Bug fixed for Joomla! 2.5: Only shows articles when both is selected
    17-Jan-2012 : v2.0.6
    + Compatible with Joomla! 2.5
    # Bug fixed: Time Zone (http://www.joomla357.com/forum?func=view&catid=13&id=212)
    28-Dec-2011 : v2.0.5
    + Compatible with the Database Type "MySQLi".
    # Bug fixed: Problem to displaying "Archived articles" or "Both types (unarchived & archived)"
     (The problem appeared only on joomla 1.7)
    # Bug Fixes
    22-Sep-2011 : v2.0.4
    + K2: Full compatibility with JComments
    # K2: Fixed: Problem at results in search input text
    + Added a new nice button for search input form.
    + 8 new features in parameters for including or exluding Content
    + Include Content
    + Include Authors
    + Include Articles
    + Include Categories
    + Include Sections
    + Exlude Content
    + Exclude Authors
    + Exclude Articles
    + Exclude Categories
    + Exclude Sections
    + You can display or disable anything you want in search form in frontend
    + Select Months
    + Select Order
    + Select Author
    + Select Category
    + Select Comments
    + Search Input
    # Bug Fixes
    16-Sep-2011 : v2.0.3
    + Supports K2 for Joomla! 1.7
    03-Aug-2011 : v2.0.2
    ! Joomla! 1.6 Compatible
    ^ Changes in language files
    # Bug Fixes
    30-Jul-2011 : v2.0.1
    + Display option: "Primary order", in the component's parameters for better order of the Archives
    # Bug Fixes
    26-Jul-2011 : v2.0.0
    ^ Change the name of component from "archives" to "monthly archive"
    + Joomla! 1.6 Compatible
    + Joomla! 1.7 Compatible
    ! Remove the Greek Language from the backend
    + Search option: "Select Author"
    + Search option: "Select Category"
    # Bug Fixes
    29-Mar-2011 : v1.2.0
    + Intergration with K2
    ! Remove 2 not useful classes from archives.class.php
    + Copyright (link to author)
    ^ Cleaned up more code
    # Bug Fixes
    28-Mar-2011 : v1.1.0
    + Added translations: el-GR, en-GB
    27-Feb-2011 : v1.0.0
    + First beta release
  • Compatibility:
  • Contents:
  • License: GNU/GPL »
  • Available in the JED »

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Fast Support

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The Monthly Archive Joomla! component provides a list of Joomla or K2 content divided into months and years. It is supplied with a lot of features and multiple parameters, improves user navigation and works as a search tool too. It is great for blogs, news portals, journalists, authors, speakers, and any other content based website.

Basic Features

  • Content Type (You can retrieve content from Joomla! or K2).
  • Layout types: a) Default List, b) Accordion.
  • Content to display: a) Archived Articles, b) Non-Archived Articles, c) Both (Archived & Non-Archived Articles.
  • Display (un)published articles (You can display Published or Unpublished articles or both).
  • Display months (Order by most recent month first, or reversal).
  • Intro Text with Image (You have the option to display or hide the introtext with image or without image).
  • Advanced Layout (You can change the date format, show or hide categories, authors and hits).
  • Pagination (Display or hide the pagination. Set your list limits.).
  • Seo Friendly URLs.
  • MVC support.
  • Multi-Language support.
  • Display the count of Articles beside each month.
  • Include or Exclude content: Article(s), Author(s), Categories, Year(s), Month(s).
  • Advanced Search Form (See below the Search form details list).
  • Intergration with 3rd party extensions: K2 component, JComments component, Image Resize cache plugin.
  • Copyright Message (Of course you can hide the copyright message if you want).

Search form Functionality

  • Select articles from specific Month or Year.
  • Select articles by order (Example: Most recent first, Least hits, Most hits etc.).
  • Select articles width comments or not.
  • Select articles by Author.
  • Select articles from a Category.
  • Search via input text. Enter some characters from article's title or introtext or fulltext or meta keywords or meta description of article.

What people say about Monthly Archive

  • Steve Giunto

    Works as advertised. Pretty easy to use. Excellent Support. Replied to my questions responsively with clear instructions. Price is worthwhile.

  • Dan Tobin

    Easy to navigate for the the designer and end-user. Very easy to install. I had one issue on install, I received a response very quickly and the problem was solved in no time at all.

  • CyberSpyder, Inc.

    Works perfectly. Really straight forward. You do have to create a menu item, first. before configuring the module. Timely, effective support. Great value for this missing Joomla product.

  • macuncles

    I started to use monthly archive over a year ago. At the time there were just a few extensions doing a decent job archiving your articles. Yiannis was really on top of business, and as soon as I made some suggestions to improve his extension, he started working on it. I just wanted to have a bit better look. But he wanted to have things perfect. Sometimes improvements requires perseverence. Well, he has got it. And now I think he touches the top of the staircase - at least compared to other archive extensions. I recommend the accordion option in the module! Great work Yiannis, thanks. Worth every penny!

  • dgwo

    The standard K2 archive functionality was too limited for my purpose, so I bought this extension. Soon I discovered that it was not possible to limit the number of K2 categories for an archive, only the Joomla categories.
    However, the developer was very friendly and implemented this functionality in a new version, at the same day! Highly recommended.

  • monkeybutt

    I purchased this extension to replace a Joomla 1.5 extension I had been using to show archived articles from specific categories which was no longer available. This extension has great features. The ability include or exclude authors or categories as well as the filtering and search features are great. And the developer was able to adjust the module to allow greater control of parameters as part of a feature request. Very happy with this extension!

  • Krki

    Before I finally found this component, I tried few other free and commercial solutions. Too bad that I didn't tried this one first, because it does exact what I needed. Pros: quick setup, many options, works as component or module, also serves as additional search system, eliminates usage of not so functional Joomla default archiving system. Cons: none

  • Nigel Punchard

    Multiple options and does the job very well. It also seems to be responsive and so scales to mobile devices. Excellent support, had a minor install issue that was down to my site and not this module. It was sorted within hours. Not a difficult module to understand and documentation online was fine. Yes good value for money, especially in view of the support.

  • jenn gress

    I used this on a website that the client wanted to show blog posts my year and then month. This extension fit the job. I was able to set this up without needing any support whatsoever. Worked great out of the box. I didn't need support until after a recent update that caused some problems. An email to support was answered quickly and resolved. The documentation worked for me when setting it up. No problems. Very good. Excellent value for the money. Even better if you happen to have a problem since the support is great.

  • jenn gress

    With lots of option it let me choose which category articles I wanted listed! Really easy! I didn't read it was a component so you need to make your settings here first. Support is uperb! All sorted in the chat window in a few minutes! Friendly guy who even liked my site! Documentation could be better. The screen shots aren't enough and a step by step PDF my have save a few min​utes.

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    • Chat with us using the right-bottom box.

    If you did not find the information you were looking for in the documentation or if you have any other questions regarding the product feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with a detailed answer as quickly as we can.

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